Why People Choose Aluminum Door

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for food, clothing, housing and transportation are also increasing, and they are beginning to pursue a quality life. As a place of rest, the house naturally cannot be casual. Therefore, the materials for doors and windows are particularly particular. Let's talk about the reasons why people choose aluminum door.
First, with the scarcity and high price of wood and the high price of aluminum, people began to use metal or iron doors and window frames in large quantities. By using metal doors and windows, we become environmentally friendly because we have saved many trees that need to be cut in order to make these frames, so we will not cause this kind of habitat loss. The second is that the aluminum door frame is durable and easy to use and maintain. The aluminum alloy doors and windows are not corroded, fade, and fall off, almost no maintenance, and the service life of parts is extremely long. The decorative effect is elegant. The surface of aluminum alloy doors and windows has an artificial oxide film and is colored to form a composite film layer. This composite film is not only corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, has a certain fire resistance, and has high gloss. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are light in weight and precise in processing and assembly, so they can be opened and closed easily and flexibly. It conforms to the trend of modern people pursuing elegant style in decoration.

Finally, the aluminum door frame adopts heat-insulating profiles and hollow glass, which has good energy-saving effects and no frost or condensation. It can meet the needs of any high-end and high-rise buildings and has been recognized by China and foreign countries. Good processing performance: aluminum profiles can be processed into large sizes, complex cross-sectional shapes, and high dimensional accuracy. The processing technology of aluminum alloy doors is relatively simple.