Why choose aluminum extruded profiles for doors and windows

Because of its many advantages, aluminum alloy is widely used in various civil and commercial construction fields. Nowadays, the concept of global change is deeply rooted in the hearts of consumers, and consumers' environmental awareness is constantly increasing, and new technologies and standards with low-carbon environmental protection as the core will continue to appear on the market. In this new market environment, aluminum alloy doors and windows that have mastered environmental protection and energy saving technology will gain great advantages in the new round of market competition.

Aluminium has good corrosion resistance, but when it comes in contact with steel or other metal industrial materials, it will produce an electrochemical erosion reaction. In a wet environment, it will produce an erosion reaction when it comes into contact with alkaline materials such as concrete, cement mortar, and lime, and it will also have an erosion reaction when it comes into contact with wood, soil, and so on. Therefore, appropriate anticorrosive treatment is required.

Usually, a small amount of one or more alloying elements such as magnesium, silicon, manganese, copper, zinc, iron, chromium, titanium, etc. are added to aluminum to obtain aluminum alloys with different functions. After cold working and heat treatment, the aluminum alloy is further strengthened and hardened, which greatly improves its tensile strength.

Advantages of aluminum extruded profiles for doors and windows:
1. Good insulation effect
At present, the more commonly used aluminum alloy doors and windows on the market are basically broken bridges, which means that the use of thermal insulation strips to separate the indoor and outdoor aluminum alloys can greatly improve the thermal insulation effect. In addition, with the use of insulating glass, the problem of condensation in the room can be solved.

2.High strength and light weight
Aluminum extruded profiles for doors and windows are mostly hollow thin-walled composite sections, which are convenient to use, light in weight, and have high bending resistance in section, and the doors and windows made are durable and difficult to deform.

3.Good sealing performance
The properties of aluminum alloy are easy to extrude, the cross-section size of the profile is accurate, and the processing accuracy is high. In terms of profiles, the use of various sealing strips to fix the grooves has been completed together with the same section in the extrusion molding process, making it easier to install the sealing material.The aluminum alloy roof skylight has sealing tape around it, which has good waterproof performance. The aluminum alloy profile structure allows rainwater to flow to the outside without flowing into the room.

4. Beautiful appearance
The surface of the aluminum alloy profile undergoes special treatment technology, which can make the aluminum alloy doors and windows have various appearances and popular metal colors, such as silver white, black, brass, bronze, brown and so on. With the same color of the door and window hardware accessories more highlight the sense of grade.

At present, the surface treatment technology of aluminum alloy profiles mainly includes various treatment processes such as anodizing, electrophoretic painting, powder spraying, etc., which can make the aluminum alloy profiles into a variety of colors and patterns.

5. Strong corrosion resistance
The aluminum oxide layer does not fade, does not fall off, does not require painting, and is easy to maintain.

6.High cost performance
In architectural decoration projects, especially for high-rise buildings and high-end decoration projects, the cost performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows will be better than other types of windows and doors in terms of performance, decoration effects, safety, energy saving, and service life.

7. Easy to maintain and maintain
After the surface treatment, the surface of the aluminum alloy profile is hard and will not be affected by various climatic conditions, so no other maintenance is required.

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