What kind of material can be sprayed on the surface of aluminum industrial profile to be wear-resistant and smooth?

            The aluminum industrial profile powder spraying uses powder coatings, and the process uses electrostatic spraying. The friction spray gun is used to make the powder particles carry a positive charge when they are sprayed out of the gun body and negatively charged profiles. Contact, generate electrostatic adsorption, and then cure at high temperature. It also enhances the adsorption strength of the paint, and the aluminum tape prevents the paint film from falling off.

             At present, the powder coatings that are often used in three-sided advertising are weather-resistant polyester powder coatings. Most of the polyester resins used in powder coatings are saturated. Generally, we can divide them into carboxyl and hydroxyl groups according to the structure of their end groups. Big category. When the aluminum industrial profile is sprayed with powder and combined with the thermal transfer technology, it has a more fashionable trend, and the powder sprayed profile has more room for development.
            The powder coating spraying process is relatively simple and the yield is high. Under normal circumstances, if the various measures are appropriate, the production of unqualified products can be controlled to the greatest extent, and the energy consumption is significantly reduced. In the production process of ordinary anodizing and electrophoretic coating Among them, the consumption of water and electricity is quite large, and the processing of industrial aluminum profiles is especially in the oxidation process. The degree of pollution to water and atmosphere is reduced. Caustic soda, sulfuric acid and other liquid organic solvents are no longer used, which reduces water and air pollution, and effectively improves the competitiveness of aluminum profiles and plastic steel profiles as environmentally friendly products, and reduces accordingly Some production costs have been reduced; the labor intensity of workers has been significantly reduced.

            Due to the use of automated assembly line operations, the feeding method of industrial aluminum profiles and the use of fixtures have been significantly simplified, which improves production efficiency and reduces labor intensity; the surface quality of the wool The required standards are significantly reduced to improve the surface quality of the finished aluminum profile; some physical indicators of the aluminum profile coating film are significantly improved compared to other surface treatment films, such as hardness, three-sided advertising, abrasion resistance, and acid resistance, which can effectively extend the industry The service life of aluminum profiles.