What is the aluminum oxide sealing process of folding door aluminum profile?

What is the aluminum oxide sealing process of the manufacturer of folding door aluminum profile? The aluminum oxide film is a porous film, no matter whether it is colored or not, it must be sealed before being put into use, so as to improve its corrosion resistance and weather resistance. There are three types of treatment methods, namely, high-temperature hydration reaction sealing, inorganic salt sealing and organic sealing.

(1) High temperature water sealing

    This method uses the hydration reaction between aluminum oxide film and water to change the amorphous film into a hydrated crystalline film:

    The hydration reaction can be carried out at room temperature and high temperature, but at high temperature, especially at the boiling point, the formed hydrated crystalline film is a very stable and irreversible crystalline film. Therefore, the commonly used sealing treatment of aluminum oxide film is the boiling water method. Or steam treatment.

    (2) Inorganic salt sealing

    Inorganic salt method can improve the fastness of organic coloring dyes, so it is commonly used in chemical coloring methods.

    ①Acetate method;

    ②Silicate method.

    (3) Organic sealing method

    This is to immerse the aluminum oxide film with oil, paint or paint. Due to the high cost and increased process flow, it is not widely used. The two methods mentioned above are used more often, and a high-temperature water is used. Legal as the mainstream.