What are the advantages of aluminum profile for glass using electrophoretic coating?

Analysis of the advantages of aluminum profile for glass using electrophoretic coating:

  1. Easy to realize automated production. Since the electrophoretic coating of aluminum profile for glass is carried out in a water-based electrophoresis tank, which is similar to the anodizing and electrolytic coloring process, the processing time is short, and it is easy to realize the pipeline operation of the entire process.

  2. The coating film is well-proportioned and dense. Due to the high throwing power of the electrophoretic coating of aluminum profile, a uniform coating film can be obtained for a large profile profile, and the film thickness can be controlled by adjusting the electric quantity.

  3. High utilization rate of paint. Due to the low viscosity, less workpieces are carried out, and the electrophoretic workpieces can be washed with water, and the utilization of the receiving device makes the coating utilization rate of electrophoretic coating as high as 95%. Aluminum profile manufacturers.

  4. Quietness and environmental protection. Because the electrophoretic coating is diluted with water, the solid content is low, and the solvent content is low, it is an environmentally friendly coating, and it avoids fire damage and protects the health of workers.

  5. The quality of the coating film is good. Acrylic resin is cured with amino resin to ensure the high decoration and high corrosion resistance of the coating film. At the same time, because the resin is highly transparent, it effectively highlights the metallic texture of the aluminum profile. If necessary, it can also be decorated with matte, sand, pearl result.