Introduction to the Aluminium Window and Door Accessories

Aluminium window and door accessories is a general term for various metal and non-metal accessories installed on the doors and windows of a building, and is a key component that determines the performance of doors and windows. Hardware accessories are responsible for tightly connecting the frames and fans of doors and windows, and have an important impact on the performance of doors and windows. The design of doors and windows is firstly the architectural design of the performance of doors and windows, in order to meet the functional requirements of the building as the goal, reasonably determine the performance of doors and windows and related design requirements.

The hardware for aluminum doors and windows is divided into products according to the product: transmission mechanism handle, spinning handle, hinge, transmission lock, sliding support, support, latch, multi-point lock, pulley, single point Locking device and casement hardware system.

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Aluminum alloy door and window hardware is divided into door hardware and window hardware by category. According to use, it can be divided into sliding door and window hardware, casement window hardware, and casement window hardware.

Sealing materials
Aluminum alloy door and window sealing materials are divided into sealing materials for inlaid glass and sealing materials for sealing between frame fans according to their uses. According to materials, they are divided into sealing strips, sealing tops and sealants. The sealant is mainly used for inlaid glass. The sealing top is mainly used for sealing between aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows. The sealant is used for both glass inlaid sealing and sealing between doors and windows. Aluminum casement window, but the specifications and models of the two are different.

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Auxiliary parts
Auxiliary parts for aluminum alloy doors and windows mainly include: connecting pieces, connectors, reinforcements, cushion pads, glass pads, fixed corners, sealing covers, etc.