How to choose a good aluminum window and door?

        Nowadays, many people are decorating their homes, and when choosing doors and windows, most people choose aluminum window and door. However, the door and window market is mixed, and the prices are high and low. So how can we avoid being fooled? What are the main aspects to choose a good door and window? A few tips are briefly described below.
1. Glass
       There are many aluminum window and door glasses on the market, most of which are divided into tempered glass and non-tempered glass. But in terms of materials, tempered glass is definitely more expensive than non-tempered glass, because tempered glass will not hurt people even if it is broken, but looking at the specifications of insulating glass, there are 5+6a+5, 5+9a+5, 5 +12a+5, 5+20a+5, etc., 5+6a+5 has the worst heat and sound insulation, and 5+20a+5 has the best performance, but the price difference is large.
2. Hardware accessories
       Hardware accessories are the soul of doors and windows. Good hardware accessories have a longer service life, not only of good quality, but also wear resistance. Cheap hardware accessories are not only easy to break, paint off, but also have safety hazards. And the price varies greatly. For example, a set of hardware that is open and inverted can be bought in the low price market for tens of yuan, and the quality is two to three hundred, while the imported brand is more expensive.
3. Profile
        The profiles, thickness, strength, and oxide film used for high-quality aluminum window and door are all in line with relevant national standards. However, there are many in the market that are not up to standard, so we need to keep our eyes open when buying. The thickness of the profile is also divided into many specifications, ranging from 1.2mm to 1.8mm, the thicker the thickness, the heavier the weight, and the compressive strength of doors and windows is also very good, so the price is also different.

         In addition, the price of doors and windows is also related to their performance. Aluminum window and door are usually evaluated for their airtightness, watertightness, strength, heat and sound insulation, brand, and processing details.