Detailed explanation of the profile specifications selected for aluminum industrial profile chassis cabinets

Detailed explanation of the specifications of the profiles selected for the cabinets of aluminum profiles

Many people do not know that the chassis cabinet can be made with aluminum industrial profile, nor do they know what specifications of aluminum profile are used to make the chassis cabinet. In fact, when you are making industrial automation products, you can first consult with aluminum profile manufacturers, and you may have different gains. The chassis cabinet is made of aluminum profiles, which can be designed flexibly and is convenient to install and disassemble. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction. What are the specifications of the aluminum profiles used for the cabinets?

  As shown in the picture, it is a relatively small cabinet, so if it is made of 3030 aluminum industrial profile, the load-bearing requirement can be met. If you want to make a larger cabinet, the aluminum profile specifications that can be used are: 4040 standard aluminum profile, 4040 heavy aluminum profile, 4080 aluminum profile, 4545 aluminum profile, 5050 aluminum profile, 50100 aluminum profile, 6060 aluminum profile, 8080 aluminum Profiles and so on. Regarding the selection of aluminum profile specifications, general aluminum profile manufacturers will recommend and choose according to the load-bearing and structure of the cabinet.