Will Plastic Steel Doors and Windows Be Banned by Africa Series Aluminum Alloy Profile for Door and Window?

In just a few years, aluminum windows have become the standard for exterior windows in new buildings. Since the 1990s, plastic steel windows with improved strength of plastic windows have exposed their heads and feet, and have been promoted in some areas. Therefore, some people have advocated that plastic steel windows as the "green material" will become the new mainstream, squeezing other Market share of types of windows.

But will plastic steel windows really become the new hegemons? Compared with africa series aluminum alloy profile for door and window, who has the advantage?

The durability of plastic steel windows: aging and eternal
As we all know, plastic is a synthetic material with low hardness and natural aging, while the surface of aluminum alloy material is alumina, which is second only to diamond. After decades of research, the anti-aging properties of plastics have been greatly improved, but improvements do not mean stopping aging.

In the processing of aluminum alloy profiles, a special process called "aging" is used to eliminate internal stress, while steel used as plastic steel window material does not have this process in production engineering. As a predecessor of a plastic steel window, the steel window is deformed for a long time due to the existence of internal stress, and it is difficult to open and eliminate it normally.

Sealing: heat insulation and sound insulation
As far as sealing is concerned, due to the maturity of the process, push-pull plastic windows and aluminum alloy windows are basically the same. However, there are always people who compare the thermal conductivity of the two, indicating that the thermal insulation performance of alloy windows is poor. is this real?

First, most of the heat exchange is done by air convection. Whether it is winter or summer, the opening and closing of windows plays a decisive role in the indoor temperature. At the same time, because people feel hot and cold, the heat loss rate of the skin is not a specific temperature, and the tightness of the window has become the key to "hot and cold".

Second, heat radiation is also an important method of heat transfer. At this point, silver-reflecting aluminum will be more resistant to heat radiation than any colored plastic, and the color of the glass and the light entering the room are also critical.

Finally, there is the form of heat transfer. Because the cross-sectional area of ​​aluminum alloy or plastic only accounts for 5% to 7% of the outer wall of the room and 1% of the surface area of ​​the room, the total amount of heat conduction can be ignored. The difference between the two is negligible than heat convection, so you don't have to worry about how much air conditioning electricity costs you have to pay for aluminum windows.

Similar to thermal insulation, if you want the best sound insulation, it is best to install double glass: the sound insulation of the air in the sandwich is better than the small plastic on the window frame (steel is hidden inside).

Environmental protection: who is the green material? .
Just like the "white" pollution of plastic lunch boxes, plastic windows that are also plastic and difficult to age will become "eternal" pollution for one hundred years; and aluminum alloys can be reused and even have economic value for recycling!

In Europe and America, recycled aluminum is a mature industry. Even under domestic technical conditions, the recycling price of aluminum alloy doors and windows is about 13-15 yuan / kg, and the preservation rate is more than 70%, which is the highest among all building materials. It is a typical reusable material.

If you want to change the shape of a window, such as adding ventilation, screens or window air conditioners in your room, you can also install aluminum windows on site, and you must discard plastic steel windows and add pollution. The "green" name for plastic steel windows seems a bit inconsistent.

Convenience: Who is more convenient to install and design freely?
Due to the material of the aluminum alloy window, the installation is simple and fast, and it can meet the requirements of large-scale mechanized construction and manual installation of as small as one household, and can obtain satisfactory results. In contrast, plastic steel windows can only be installed by large manufacturers after the installation is completed, which eliminates some inferior installation projects, and eliminates the convenience, flexibility and promotion of non-movie users and the vast rural areas. possibility. . On the other hand, the factory assembly of plastic windows has greatly reduced the freedom of architectural design.

In today's increasingly personalized personality quest, there is a feature that does not require a lot of design. This means extremely high costs or no production at all. This is also the fundamental reason why "industrial assembly buildings" have not been promoted and become mainstream in Europe and America for nearly a century. As the residence of people, personality and change are necessary. With the advent of national energy-saving emission reduction and the arrival of high-performance system aluminum alloy doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows will gradually be eliminated from the market.